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Hello RAP Members and Happy Spring to all!

It’s been a long and cold winter and now as the green returns we all turn our thoughts to refreshing and renewing. Remember that taking care of others works best when you take care of yourself. So enjoy the sunshine, smell the flowers and take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we all are in this season of bounty and new life.

-Your RAP in OHIO Board


PHONE: 513.228.1177 FAX: 513.228.0026





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RAP August Programming Ideas

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Just Because it’s June!!

See below for fun June activities and programming ideas.

June Program Ideas


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April Program ideas


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Hello Members!!

Here are fun planning ideas for February:

February Activity Projects



Happy New Year Everyone!

We want to keep our members engaged all year long!

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National Popcorn Day is celebrated at the end of January

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We want to get to know our members better!

Complete the survey above and return to the RAP Office via fax, mail or email.

(Some will be selected to post to the webpage!)

Thanks for participating

May 2016 Newsletter

News from our President…

Hey everybody!

I can’t believe that spring is finally here.  I know the residents at my facility are enjoying being outside and going on those ice cream outings.  We learned quickly that an outing isn’t an outing without ice cream!

The board met again on April 11th.  I felt that it was a very productive meeting and we are wrapping up some details for the conference in October.  We have really looked at the evaluations and have an excellent line up of speakers on a variety of topics.  Social workers- we have tried very hard (and I think succeeded) at providing several CEU hours that will be beneficial to you.  The Social Work Board is a tough nut to crack and we sometimes have to guess at what they will accept and what they won’t but being a social worker myself I think we have some excellent sessions.  Activities- the meat and potatoes of the conference is directed to you.  We have some creative sessions that you should be able to make your own at your facility.

There are a lot of new things coming down the pike that affect our facilities.  One that most of you are probably dealing with is the PELI.  I understand that the PELI is long and the resident’s don’t understand why you are asking so many questions, but the PELI affects the reimbursement for the facility so it is absolutely necessary.  From what I understand, doing the PELI will qualify the facility for an estimated $.80/Medicaid person/day.  Though that doesn’t seem like much, for a facility had has 50 Medicaid residents that would equal $14,600/year.  So keep asking those questions ladies and gents, it all matters in the end!

Please remember that if you need to communicate with the board you can do so easily through Facebook.  RAP has a Facebook page that we try to update with interesting long term care facts as often as possible.  Also, all of the current board members have personal Facebook pages that you could send private messages if you need to.  Thank you for all you do!!

Amber Merriman, RAP President

News from our Vice President

Plans are coming together and the year is flying by. Here we are in May and it seems like it was winter only days ago. Looking forward to some new vendors and some returning favorites. Make sure to save some time and money to take advantage of what they have to offer both for yourselves and your residents.
This year’s theme is Super Heroes, and to many of your residents that is true of you. When we get to know our residents they become the Super Hero.
We are blessed to be able to make our residents feel loved, energized, and involved every day. Make sure to never lose the thrill and joy of providing a useful life to those in our care.
R.A.P. Encourages, challenges, and educates us to do our jobs better and gives us ideas and networks to make us all Super Heroes.
Bring a friend or fellow staff member this year and let us double our effectiveness throughout Ohio.
October is not that far away. We, your board are doing our best to make this conference one that will benefit us all. Spread the word. See you in October for a Super conference because of YOU!!!

Ron Wilson


The theme for this year’s Awards Banquet is


Please bring your best “Superhero” costume. We would like to encourage everyone to attend the banquet to support your colleagues, our delicious meal will be served, followed by the awards presentation.

Please take the time to vote for your RAP Candidates in the upcoming months , and visit our Facebook page.

Have a great and safe summer! See you in October !

RAP Banquet Coordinator Pearl Kress ADC, CDP

Publicity and Legislation

I hope everyone has had the chance to like our Facebook page.  We encourage everyone to post interesting articles, neat activities you’ve done with your Residents or stories you find compelling. Tell us about how you made a difference in someone’s life! Also let us know what State is looking for if you’ve had a recent State survey at your community.

Also be sure to complete the Getting to Know You Survey on RAPOHIO.ORG

We want all our members to participate and create content that is relevant to their work. We get better when we support and encourage one another. We are all on the same mission, to improve the lives of our residents one person at a time.

Tammy Point


You asked for it and we are going to give it to you!

I have been working to find a variety of speakers that meet the Activity Professionals and Social Workers needs! The evaluation were reviewed and all suggestions taken to heart. The main day for Social Workers will be Thursday. The topics that will be covered: Alzheimer ’s disease, ethics, male programming, regulations, leadership, music, fun, crafts, hospice, Adult Protective Services, LGBT, staff, documentation, Round Tables, Spirituality, Montessori and so much more!

There will also be representatives from the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP), National Certification for Activity Professional (NCAP) and National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center (NAAPCC). They will be available through the conference to answer questions and will also have times they will speak.

We look forward to seeing you all at the conference!


RAP Education Chair  Carolyn Hoff


A Word from Membership

Greetings from Membership!

Our 2016 RAP Conference is a little over 5 months away!  With that being said, let’s recruit more members.  We have had several more people join over the last few months.  With the cost being down, there is no reason why we can’t recruit more Activity Professionals, Social Workers and even Administrators.  Tell your Social Workers, Activities Professionals and Administrators about CEU opportunities, networking with other professionals and how you get a discount at the conference, etc.

Again, please feel free to call me at 937-687-1311 or my cell at 937-529-6230 or email me at if you or anyone you know has any questions about joining, questions about their district, or who their district rep is.

Again, thank you for all you do and since National Nursing Home Week is coming up, I hope everyone has a fantastic week with lots of fun events for your Residents, families and employees.

Kim M. Cline, ADC Membership Chair

Greetings Fellow Professionals:

Finally Spring has arrived. Time is flying by and the RAP Board has been meeting and planning for a great conference in October. With that being said it is also time to nominate a RAP member for the board. There will be two (2) openings on the board and it needs YOU! In the summer newsletter  there will be the Scholarship application and ballots  for voting board members and awards.

2016 Board Members Wanted

It is that time of year again to nominate a qualified Activity or Social Service Professional to serve on the RAP Board of Trustees. What a great opportunity to represent your district, to be a voice of your organization and to serve as an advocate for seniors in long-term facilities, adult day service and assisted living center.

If you are willing to serve on the Board or know of someone who is interested, please fill out the nomination form.

Nominees must have been an active member of RAP for the last two (2) years and be willing to attend four board meetings

a year (one of which is at Conference), as well as the RAP Annual Conference.

Nominate someone in your District

Warm Thoughts, Karla Hale, LSW

 Nominate someone in your District

Mail this form to:    (NOT LATER THAN JUNE 20, 2016)

Karla Hale  50 Blymyer Avenue Mansfield, Ohio 44903

OR you may FAX to RAP Office at 513-899-712

OR you may email your vote to


Name of Nominee_______________________________________

Email address___________________________________________

Home address__________________________________________

Home phone___________________________________________

Place of employment____________________________________

Facility Phone Number___________________________________

Number of years a member of RAP_________________________

Signature of person making nomination___________________



February 2016 Newsletter

News from our President…

Hello everyone!!  It is hard to believe that 2016 is well on its way and spring is right around the corner (I promise).

The board met on January 14th.  It was a very productive meeting and we have some interesting new ideas that we are going to try to execute by the conference.  We are still working through all the evaluations and trying to meet everyone’s needs as much as we can, however, please understand that though we try it is difficult to meet the interests of all our members.  I must say I am very excited about the conference this year as we will have some new speakers and new topics.  We are trying to get social workers what they need along with making sure that we provide activity personnel with what they need.

We are trying to expand membership and conference participation.  We have talked at length about trying to get administrator CEUs this year as well, hoping that your administrators will tag along with you to the conference.  By bringing them in, we are hoping to put emphasis on how important activity personnel and social workers are to our residents (and maybe budget increases J).  We will send out that information as soon as we have it.

One of the most difficult elements of planning for the conference is cost.  The hotel alone with the food, technology and space that they provide would make any “budgeting on a dime” activity director’s skin crawl.  Speakers add into that as well.  Some speakers charge large sums of money along with travel expenses which makes it difficult or even impossible to get some of the names that you all have suggested.  Our goal is cost effective CEUs as we understand that for many of you the conference and hotel stay comes out of your own pocket.  We applaud you for your dedication to your career and to the residents and that is the reason that we continue to focus on cost.  I wanted to address this issue because there were some awesome speakers recommended on the evaluations and we have looked into them, but some we just can’t make happen.  As a result, our Education Chair becomes very creative and does a lot of dealing with speakers to get great speakers at low costs.

So the best way, and really the only way, to be able to keep costs low and to have a larger speaker budget is to increase membership and conference participation.  We do not want to charge our members more, we simply want more members.  That is where you come in.  Please share our organization’s mission with other professionals.  As you all know, activities goes well beyond the activities department.  We need administrators, dietary, STNAs, nurses, housekeepers, maintenance and families in order to make our departments great!  Discuss RAP with your rock star staff and encourage them to sign up for RAP.  Empower others to empower the residents.  If we work together we can have strong activity departments across the state to improve the quality of life for our residents.  Until next time…God Bless!

 Amber Merriman, RAP President


News from our Vice President

Gifts, program helps, activity ideas, these are all reasons we have vendors at our conference every year. We strive to provide a varied experience for you to choose from between learning sessions. Make sure you visit our vendors and sample what they have to offer to provide variety for our residents.
With their help, and our great speakers we can all become Superheroes to our residents and live up to this year’s theme.
Hope to see you all in October. I am going through your evaluations and suggestions from last year and hope you are pleased with the lineup of vendors this year.
The economic changes have affected our vendors the same as us. Please plan on coming to this year’s conference for the education and the shopping experience we plan and prepare for you.
Have a great year and keep providing super hero deeds for all our super hero residents.

 Ron Wilson

2016 Banquet News

Happy New Year everyone!!Only 7weeks until Spring !!

Thank you for taking the time to vote on our theme for the 2016 RAP Conference


I’m looking forward to decorating and seeing all of you dressed in you favorite SUPERHERO outfit.

If you have any suggestion for our banquet, please send them my way. We love your feedback and value your input. Have a great spring!

RAP Banquet Coordinator Pearl Kress ADC, CDP


Publicity and Legislation

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has had the chance to like our Facebook page.  We encourage everyone to post interesting articles, neat activities you’ve done with your Residents or stories you find compelling. Tell us about how you made a difference in someone’s life! Also let us know what State is looking for if you’ve had a recent State survey at your community.

Also be sure to complete the Getting To Know You Survey on RAPOHIO.ORG

We want all our members to participate and create content that is relevant to their work. We get better when we support and encourage one another. We are all on the same mission, to improve the lives of our residents one person at a time.

I hope everyone is surviving the cold weather.  Spring is on its way!

Tammy Point


We have a great lineup of speakers that everyone can enjoy and learn from! We have reviewed your suggestions on topics and speakers and feel that we can meet the challenge.

Topics that will be covered by speakers include: hospice, various levels of crafts, LGBT issues, marketing, ethics, drug addiction, documentation, Adult Protective Services, an updated Round Table discussion, spirituality needs, volunteers, rehab and much, much more! For those that are in need of social work CEU’s we will have special sessions offered on Thursday October 20th.


Carolyn Hoff Please contact Me at (937) 833-1878

A Word from Membership

Greetings from Membership!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Activities Professionals Week and had lots of fun events for all Activities Professionals and Residents.

Just a reminder to everyone that membership is again only $10 for 2 years!!!  I want to challenge all District Reps and all members to get the word out about our organization.  RAP has been a fantastic organization for 42 years and without it’s members, it wouldn’t be possible.  I challenge all of you to promote RAP to your Administrators, Social Workers and all Activity Staff to join!  For only $10 you get education, instant networking with other professionals, and the discount at conference.

Members, get with your District Rep and see what you can do, or contact me if you aren’t sure who your Rep is or have any other questions.  You can email me at, my cell 937-529-6230 or work number is 937-687-1311.

Thank you for all that you do for your residents and for this organization.

My email is

Kim Cline, ADC RAP Membership Chair Genesis Healthcare


Greetings Fellow Professionals:

We’ve ushered in another year and hopefully it will be so “Sweet” for you.  Let us take the time in the next few months to think about who you would like to nominate for an award at our annual banquet during the conference. The awards that you will be nominating someone in the field are:

Dr. Charles Peckham Award

Administrator of the Year

Activity Assistant of the Year

Advancement Award

Volunteer of the Year Award

We continue to promote the RAP scholarship that any activity professional can apply for to attend the conference fully paid (hotel accommodations not included). Please encourage all activity personnel to attend the conference. Our conference continues to provide generous CEU’s for both activity and social service professionals. Included with the Spring Newsletter there will be a Nomination Form for the 2016 RAP Board. Please use this opportunity to be a voice for your profession. In the summer newsletter your ballot will be included. Remember “It’s Your Responsibility to Vote!”

Warm Thoughts, Karla Hale, LSW

Nominations & Awards Chair


Fall 2015

News from our President…….

Hello all!  I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to help lead this organization for the next year and work towards a great conference.  The board members have reviewed each and every evaluation and will be working to make some of these suggestions happen.  If you have any more ideas or would just like to send a message to the board, please don’t hesitate to email us.  You can reach me directly at  You can also post to our Facebook page RAP in Ohio.

The board members have asked that I address some of the suggestions or concerns that are a common occurance on the evaluations so I will be discussing a few each newsletter.

One common theme among the evals is the request for more sessions geared towards social workers.  As I enter my 4th year on the board, I can say that this is a discussion that happens at every board meeting.  As social workers know, it is getting more and more difficult to have a session approved for social work credit.  We have 2 social workers on the board that try to help tweak sessions so that they count for CEUs, but we are constantly shocked at what the board is approving and denying.  Our goal is to get as many social work CEUs as possible, and speakers are aware that it is not just activity professionals at the conference.  We will continue to stress this as we choose speakers for next year.

The timing of the banquet sparked a great deal of conversation.  It seems as though we are split fairly evenly for those that vote a banquet dinner versus a banquet lunch.  The board was hoping for a larger turnout for the luncheon which appeared to be the case.  I saw that many people liked the banquet in the evening for the socialization that was available after the ceremony commenced.  Though I can’t say what the board with decide for 2016, I can say that we will weigh every suggestion and try to make a decision that pleases the majority.

We received just a few comments about board members coming and going out of sessions and I felt that I needed to address this issue the most.  Board members have a variety of activities that we must complete behind the scenes.  There are various issues that arise with vendors, the hotel, and assistance that needs to be provided to participants.  It is a very busy few days for the members.  Board members may be called out of sessions to assist with these issues and that often happens.  We apologize for any disruption that we may have caused.  I know that many of us choose to sit in the back of the room so we can come and go with little disruption.  I understand that it looks as though we are “stepping out” on the sessions, but we are really trying to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

To sum it all up, your board tries to run this organization as Dr. Peckam would have.  We put the participant first, be innovative and progressive in our planning, and above all place God in the center of all our actions.  Thank you all for being members and supporting this wonderful organization!


Amber Merriman, RAP President


News from our Vice President

What we need to enhance the lives of our residents is to put ourselves in their shoes. We can go home at the end of our shift and enjoy our families. We have a whole house to wander in and read, watch tv, lounge around. No one tells us what to eat or when to go to bed. As we approach Thanksgiving let us give our residents a reason to be thankful and not lonely, depressed or forgotten. We have been given a great gift to share with others. Post your ideas for how you make your residents lives better on your RAP website. Doing so will inspire and encourage your fellow activity professionals to do the same.
Our conference only is the beginning of our education. We need to share with our fellow professionals how to make all our seniors see their worth. Use the RAP website and Facebook to post ideas so all can be blessed.
We all need inspiration, and encouragement to keep positive, and to serve our residents.
Thanksgiving is upon us, Christmas is fast approaching. This is the time of year our residents need positive input in their lives to overcome depression and loneliness. How do you make their lives a blessing? Looking forward to hearing great things from all of you.
Till next time thanks for listening and let us together make our residents lives ever improving.
And remember, it is never too early to begin planning to attend our next conference.

Ron Wilson


2016 Banquet News

Thanks to all who attended our 41st RAP Conference For our 42nd RAP Conference we are asking our RAP members to vote on the banquet theme.

Your theme choices will be :

Activity Angels in Disguise

Sock hop

Activity Super Heroes

When we get closer to the 2016 RAP Conference a voting ballet will be emailed out or you can vote on Facebook!

If you have ideas, or comments about the banquet you may email me at

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas and a great New Year!

RAP Banquet Coordinator Pearl Kress ADC, CDP

Publicity and Legislation

I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of warm weather. I want to thank everyone for their prayers for our family. We really appreciated them and can see how God has answered!  I missed seeing everyone at the conference this year.  I will be your Publicity/Legislation chair this year! Please make sure you have Liked us on Facebook and check the Website for updates.

I hope everyone has a very safe Holiday season.  See everyone in the New Year.

Tammy Point


Hello, I am Carolyn Hoff, the RAP Education Chair for 2016. This position is responsible for finding and hiring the speakers for the annual conference. We are reviewing the evaluations from the 2015 conference and will be following up on suggestions of speakers provided on them. We have the goal of providing a wide variety of speakers. The education programs are set to meet the needs of all levels of Activity Professionals and Social Workers. The new goal is to have Administrators attend to show them how important the work we do is and to support their Activity staff.

If you have information on a speaker you would like to hear next year, please contact  me at (937) 833-1878

Thank you! Carolyn Hoff

A Word from Membership

Greetings from Membership!

We have some very exciting news for everyone!!! Is your membership coming up for renewal? Do you have people who would like to become members, but may not have the extra money right now to join RAP? Well good news!  Membership rates have dropped!!! You can now join or renew for only $10! Yes, you read that right, $10 for a two year membership! So what’s holding you back? Please, please, please inform you activity staff, Social Workers, and Administrators and have them join!

I will be reaching out to our District Reps within the next day or so just to touch base and see how things are going in those districts. Also, members… please do not hesitate to contact me if you are having trouble getting a hold of your District Rep or if you are interested in becoming one.

My email is

Thank you and I look forward to serving as your membership chair this year!

Kim Cline, ADC RAP Membership Chair

Greetings to All:

First, as Immediate Past President I would like to thank the 2015 Board Members for all of their hard work and dedication to our organization. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in this great State Ohio. Our annual conference provides us with education and the opportunity to network with professionals that are changing and impacting lives each and and every day, KUDOS  to all of you.

Secondly, I would like to Congratulate all the winners of the Awards at this year’s annual conference. I feel all of you are winners. To be eligible for them we need everyone to nominate one another for these awards. In the spring you will receive a nominating form and ballot to submit for next year’s awards. If you have any questions about the awards contact the RAP office or myself at  I always look forward to hearing from my fellow members.


Karla Hale –Immediate Past President -Awards Chair


The RAP OFFICE has moved: PO BOX 336 Lebanon Ohio 45036

Phone: 513.899.7146

Fax: 513.899.7128

News from our President…….

The RAP board met on Monday, April 13, 2015. We discussed several great themes for the 2015
conference. We discussed and voted on “Harvest Festival: Fall for RAP”. We decided an Oktoberfest theme is a winner. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. The conference dates will be October 14-16 at the lovely Crowne Plaza in Columbus, Ohio.

As your President of RAP this year I am challenging all members to spread the word of this year’s conference and to encourage membership of RAP. One of our organization’s mission is to see RAP to continue to be a resource for activity and social work professionals. Reach out to former members and solicit new members.

This year is going as fast as a blink of the eye. With that being said ELECTIONS is around the corner. Recommend an activity professional who you think will be an asset for the RAP board.  As a member of RAP it is your privilege to be a voting member. It is the membership that elect the RAP board. Your vote does count.

Thanks to Deb Sickmiller and Jean Lyttle for their continuous guidance, all District Representatives and Board Members for all your efforts in maintaining excellence in the RAP organization.

Karla Hale, RAP President
Happy Spring everyone,
Our first board meeting of 2015 went well. We voted on our theme for the 2015 RAP Conference “Harvest Festival: Fall for RAP.” I’m working on a T-shirt design, The slogan is not yet finalized. I am also contacting vendors encouraging our favorite ones to return, and contacting new ones, that was recommended from our 2014 evaluations.

Please, if you know of a vendor you would like to see at the conference pass my email to them.


Have a Safe and Wonderful Spring!

Pearl Kress, ADC, CDP
RAP Vice President


News from our Education Chair

Greetings from Education!

Lining up speakers for this year’s conference is well under way and we have a lot of fun, energetic, exiting speakers and topics we think you will enjoy.

We are looking to offer the Certified Dementia Practitioner course again this year, but will need to know in advance the number of people interested.  If you are interested in attending, please email me at  I will also submit a post on our RAP page as well to generate interest.  In order to have this, we will need a decent number in attendance to make it successful.

Please be sure to check out our RAP page and feel free to submit ideas or posts there as well.  We are here as a support for you and need your input.

As always, feel free to email me at the above email address or call me at 937-687-1311 if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

Kim Cline Education Chair


2015 Banquet News Our 2015 Banquet Theme will be Harvest Festival: Fall for RAP

That means autumn colors and seasonal treats for everyone! Don’t miss out, start planning for 2015 conference today!

Tammy Point Banquet Coordinator Activities Director


Publicity and Legislation

There are a couple of things that I would like to touch on this quarter.  The first is the Five Star Rating.  As many of you have heard, our Five Star Rating system has recently changed, adding a larger emphasis on staffing. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is specifically interested in your facilities staffing ratio of RNs, LPNs and STNAs. Staffing information is gathered by surveyors during your annual survey. So, many of you may be thinking, “Ok Amber, what does that have to do with Activities?  That sounds like a nursing issue.” Well, not really. Many of you and your staff are STNAs.  Many of you like to hire STNAs when you can find them because they come in handy with outings. It is very important that you inform your Administrator and Director of Nursing when you have an STNA on your staff, as the staff will help sweeten the staffing ratio of your facility. My suggestion is that when state surveyors walk into your building you create a list of your STNAs and hand it to the Administrator, since he/she may not think about Activity staff while reporting on staffing. Also, if you are looking to train some of your staff as STNAs, this knowledge may give you some ammo when discussing your wishes with your Administrator.  More information is available on the 5 Star Rating system on the CMS website

My second topic for the quarter is the Music and Memory program. I know that many of you have heard about the program and are working to finish all the steps necessary in getting the program started. For those of you that do not know, the Music and Memory program uses iPod shuffles and iTunes to create resident specific music playlists. Staff can then use these playlists to assist with behaviors, provide stimulation, and combat loneliness. This program has been shown to do wonderful things and would be a wonderful addition to your activity programming. Not only is the program an amazing opportunity for your facility, but it could also increase the number of Quality Points that your facility receives which could result in more money being given to your facility, a fact that no Administrator could ignore. In order to learn more, visit Also, search YouTube for “Alive Inside” to see videos of this program in action. That is all I have for now.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at  Thanks and have a great rest of your spring!


Amber Merriman



Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a great Spring!

We are looking for new RAP members! Members enjoy conference discounts, opportunities to meet and network with fellow activity professionals and additional member benefits.

If you have anyone who you think would make a good addition to the RAP board please contact me. If you or someone you know if passionate about RAP consider becoming a District Representative. It’s a great way to share your passion!

My contact numbers at work Monday thru Friday 9-5 are 740-432-2262

Or fax at 740-439-3463.

If you have any questions or need an application to join RAP contact me or go to our website at

Mary Catherine Hiles Membership Chairperson


A Word from Awards & Nominations

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Do You Like To Hear Good Job?
If you are like the majority of us, you like to hear when you have done a good job. We all can identify with the call to the office to be given bad news or a complaint. Praise comes seldom, yet the joy of it carries us for long periods of time
We work in an area where we praise our residents for participation and involvement in our activities. We are the ones who build up our residents multiple times daily. We create positive vibes for all around us and yet rarely do we acknowledge our peers and associates.
Now is the time to change that. I challenge you all to recognize one of your staff for a job well done. Use Facebook, Email, Snail Mail, but do not let another week pass by without alerting RAP and filling out a nomination form for Activity Assistant, Activity, Director, or Volunteer, for their work and devotion to our residents. Our peers and associates need us to recognize their efforts and to build them up. Thanks are great, but being recognized state wide will benefit you as well as your staff.
We hold our success in our hands, money may be tight but praise and recognition will ensure staff retention and increased energy.
Do not delay nominate someone today!
While at it, ask for a board nomination form and join the board of RAP. If you want to change or have ideas to improve our conferences and group, take a stand. Get involved today.
You can determine your future and success. Get involved now. Do not put it off or say someone else can do a better job. YOU take a stand NOW!!!!

Ron Wilson
Nominations and Awards

Winter 2015

The RAP OFFICE has moved: PO BOX 336 Lebanon Ohio 45036

Phone: 513.899.7146

Fax: 513.899.7128

(See below for a printable PDF version of our newsletter!)

News from our President…….

Hopefully everyone is warm and safe. The RAP Board is in the process of gathering ideas to present at this year’s conference. We will be deciding on a theme at the next board meeting so if you have any suggestions that you would like to see please submit them to our email at Our education chair Kim Cline is working hard to provide great topics and speakers for this year’s conference. The next board meeting will be in April and we anticipate to have much accomplished for the coming conference. Suggestions for speakers can be made directly to Kim at

I hope that everyone celebrated National Activity Week. Our residents, families and client know we are the glue that holds our facilities together as we empower our residents and give them purpose.

The NAAP (National Association of Activity Professionals) conference is up and coming. For further details check out their website

Help keep the RAP organization strong and viable. We must cherish the 40 years that RAP has provided activity professionals with great leadership.

Karla Hale, RAP President

 News from Our Vice President

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re doing well and keeping warm. As Vice President one of my responsibilities is to get vendors for our 2015 conference I have been searching new vendors and encouraging our favorite ones to return. If you know of a company that would be a benefit to use please send me their contact information or send it to our RAP office it will be forwarded to me. Once we know our theme I Will work on a T- Shirt design. Again please send any vendor contact information to me. Pearl Kress, ADC,CDP RAP Vice President 330-658-1553

News from our Education Chair

Greetings from Education,

I hope everyone is staying warm and planning lots of fun activities for your Residents during this time of year. Our 2015 Conference is well underway. After going through all the surveys of the last conference, and getting ideas from you, our speakers are getting lined up. Please make sure to mark your calendar for this year’s conference will be on Wednesday, October 14th-Friday, October 16th.

I would like to thank you for your input for speakers, themes, etc. for this year. Without you, RAP would not be possible. Again, it’s never too late for ideas.

Please feel free to email me at if you have ideas for speakers or topics you would like to hear. I appreciate all of your input.

Thank you,

Kim Cline Education Chair

2015 Banquet News

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. We are working on narrowing down a theme for next year. Thank you so much for all your suggestions. Make sure you set aside the dates for this year’s conference.

Tammy Point Banquet Coordinator Activities Director Lima Manor

Publicity and Legislation

Hello everyone! The winter weather is upon us and cabin fever is settling in the residents. Let us pray for an early spring!

As Publicity Chair, I would again like to remind you about the Facebook page. Slowly but surely most of you have “liked” the page, but please use it as a forum to connect with others and ask questions. RAP also has a LinkedIn account now so be sure to check that out. RAP has a long and strong history of education and connection, and technology has allowed us to gather in the comfort of our homes. Also, share this page with your staff. Don’t forget how important it is to have top notch educated staff. They are the front line and to save yourself time (and sometimes headache) encourage your staff to educate themselves through RAP.

As the Legislation Chair I have a couple topics to discuss this quarter:

1. The use of antipsychotics is still a hot topic in long term care. We have all heard the effects of antipsychotics on the elderly and know we need to reduce them. Make no mistake, YOU are the leader in your facility in this. Many of you know that I am an Administrator. I want you to know that administrators are being told that ACTIVITIES are the #1 way to reduce antipsychotics. You must educate all staff. Create activity bags for the staff to use. Have aromatherapy and music programs easily accessible. There is a post started on Facebook, how do you help with antipsychotic reduction? Share your expertise and let’s reduce antipsychotics state wide!!!

2. Family satisfaction surveys are available online at If your admin has not shared this info with you, take a look at it. Your score on the family satisfaction survey may give your facility a quality point. Your facility needs a certain number of quality points in order to receive certain funds from the state. This survey is very important and statistics of the individual questions should be available soon. Also, take a look at to learn more about quality points. There are a potential for 20 points, and activities can assist the facility in gathering some of these points. If you have specific questions, please email me at<> and I would be happy to help you as It is a little confusing.

Stay warm Ohio!! –Amber Merriman



Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a good New Year!


As membership chair I am anxious to meet new attendees and see past members at the 41st Annual Conference this October. Anyone interested in becoming a District Rep, please contact me. Also anyone interested in joining RAP feel free to contact me as well. You will get new ideas and education when you join, and make new friends at our yearly conference.Please remember to make suggestions, nominate members for the Board of Trustees, and to nominate members for the awards given out at the annual banquet.


I am now working at Meridian at Cambridge.This is a new adventure for me in assisted living with memory care.

My contact numbers at work Monday thru Friday 9-5 are 740-432-2262 Or fax at 740-439-3463.

If you have any questions or need an application to join RAP contact me or go to our website at

Mary Catherine Hiles Membership Chairperson
A Word from Awards & Nominations

Hear Ye Hear Ye

We need your input to encourage our other professionals. We may feel that we are all alone with an unbearable work load,but in order to grow we need to encourage and recognize our peers. Think how you feel when your boss or a family member thanks you for your efforts for their loved ones.

Valentines day is upon us and we need to show our love to someone else and say job well done. The secret to appreciation is to give it to others and it will return to you tenfold. Do not delay submit someone’s name today and see how much better you will feel. It only takes a moment but the person receiving the praise will in turn bless others when they see their efforts ARE APPRECIATED.

We are in the work of praise and encouragement. Do not let it just be within our little circle. Expand and bless others and you in turn will feel as the Grinch did when his heart expanded tenfold.

Have a great Valentine’s day and be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with. I love my residents, but I love my fellow Activity Professionals even more.

We need to share our love and recognition so we all GROW!!!

Ron Wilson




15FEB page 1

15FEB page TWO

15FEB Page 3


Fall 2014

News from our President…….

First and foremost I must say I feel honored to be elected as your President of this great organization. As a member of RAP for twenty plus years I hold a very strong belief that this organization has some of the greatest professionals of all time. Thank you all as I serve as your 2015 President. I would like to acknowledge Donna Lashaway, immediate past president. Donna has worked in the activity profession for over twenty five years and has served this board faithfully. Thank you to Pegge Sines and Paula Bogre for serving their full terms on the board, both have contributed much to the RAP organization.

On behalf of the Rap Board, I would like to thank all the attendees who completed the evaluation forms. Overall your ratings were excellent. As we look forward to next year’s conference the board has the challenge to implement the suggestions that were provided. There were great ideas for next year’s theme, educational topics and speakers. We will also take the constructive criticism for the RAP Board and Crowne Plaza hotel and staff to work on ways to improve for next year’s conference. The suggestions you made to the speakers to improve their presentations will be sent to them along with a rating of their topic and a speaker rating.

Please continue to contact Board members with suggestions so that we can keep our organization strong. Our goal for 2015 is to increase membership and conference attendance along with providing quality speakers and education throughout the year. We all are professionals and should be very proud of the RAP organization. We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you again October 14-16th, 2015.

Karla Hale

Past Education Chair,

New RAP President


I want to take the time to thank our RAP Board for voting me as your Vice President of RAP. I also want to thank Donna Lashaway past President and Paula Bogre past Vice President for all the hard work they brought to the Rap Board. As Vice President one of my main responsibilities will be to get vendors lined up for the 2015 conference.I will be provided with a list from your evaluations and will make contacts with those you have recommended,, If you have a vendor you would like to see at the conference please send contact information to me or the RAP office and that information will be sent to me

Thanks to all who helped and made RAP 40 years a wonderful conference in the Ohio area

Pearl Kress, ADC,CDP

RAP Vice President or


News from Our Education Chair…

Thank you all for attending the 2014 RAP Conference. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and the speakers that were offered this year. I think we had some amazing speakers this year and many have been requested back for next year. We have already begun looking for speakers for next year’s conference and have set up a few already. I appreciate everyone that filled out the surveys and turned them back in as these are a huge help to us in making sure we provide you with the topics that interest you. Please feel free to email me at or call me at 937-687-1311 if you have any suggestions for speakers or topics.

Thank you once again and Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Kim Cline

Education Chair


News from our Publicity and Legislative Chair

I would like to start out by thanking everyone who came out to the annual conference. I would like to send a shout out to our past Education Chair and current President Karla Hale for her hard work at organizing the speakers for the conference. Now it is time to plan for next year. Thank you to all of those who provided evaluations of the conference. We take those very seriously and use the suggestions when planning for the next conference.

In order to be more efficient, the board has combined the Publicity Chair and the Legislative Chair into one postion. That is the role I will be playing for the next year. I do not have much to report on for Legislative, but let’s see what our newly elected officials do and I will keep you up to date on their actions and what that means for you.

As Publicity Chair, my challenge is to try to spread the word of RAP. A Facebook page has been created and a LinkedIn page is in the works. Please use these social media pages as your way to connect with others and ask questions. My plan is to be more proactive this year and begin contacting facility Activity Directors and encouraging them to join RAP. If anyone has ideas on how to boost membership, I would be happy to hear those ideas!

Thank you all and have a wonderful holiday season!

Amber Merriman, Publicity Chair


2015 Banquet News

What a great conference. It was fun to see everyone. Believe it or not we have already started working on the conference for next year. We are looking for themes ideas for next year. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me at or the RAP office at I hope everyone has a Blessed Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tammy Point – Banquet Coordinator

From Our Nominations and Awards Chair

Christmas and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and we all need help in keeping up with the rush. This year for a change think of someone you can thank and honor for their service to others. Make a list of those who serve our residents and send their names to RAP. When the new year turns I will get back with you to formally nominate them for an award from RAP. Together we can show some love and respect to our peers. Awards and nominations is what I am all about, and together we can make this painless and fun for all. No one wants to go unnoticed, but we are all so busy things get away from us. We all need praise for what we take for granted. Let me be the first to thank all of you for serving our seniors. Let us start a new tradition and thank all our peers. In so doing you will be thanked as well. Let 2015 be a banner year for praise and gratitude. Thank you from me, the RAP board, and all the seniors you serve. Send your thanks, questions, suggestions to me at the RAP office. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Ron Wilson, Nominations and Awards Chair

 Here are printable versions of our newsletter articles!

14oct page 1

14oct page TWO

14 oct page 3


Summer 2014

News from our President…….

Once again the summer months are flying by so very fast! I sure hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and has taken some well-deserved time for yourself. The RAP Board has been hard at work wrapping up the finishing touches for yet another great conference. Our theme this year will be “Operation RAP”-Honoring the Military”, continue to read through the newsletter for more details.
At our last board meeting, it was decided we really needed to do one more paper newsletter due to voting purposes. So here you have it. Just a reminder after this Summer 2014 newsletter all other newsletters will be available via the website at
We encourage you to remember to vote for the upcoming running board members. Your vote counts!! Thank you again for making RAP a great organization in Ohio
I look forward to seeing many of you in October for what is gearing up to be another terrific event.

Donna Lashaway, RAP President

From the Education Chair
It is with great pleasure that RAP’s conference speakers are lined up and ready to go. We have many new faces this year and some familiar faces are back by popular demand.

We will be kicking the conference off Wednesday with our keynote speaker, Duane Abel, “Draw Your Own Success” and closing Friday afternoon with David Vince, “When Life Throws You Curves Keep Swinging”. As a double amputee David’s personal triumph is quite inspirational and uplifting.
Much time was spent researching and recruiting speakers that I think you will enjoy what is being offered at this year’s conference. You will have the opportunity to choose from: Laughter Therapy, Men’s Programs, Sensitivity to Aging, Music Therapy, Senior Bullying, Exercise & Fitness and many more! We have 20 speakers this year and they all are amazing.

I look forward to your feedback as all of your suggestions were considered and every attempt has been made to accommodate those requests. See you at the conference! It is just around the corner.
Stay cool,
Blessings to you
Karla Hale
Education Chair

News from our Publicity Chair
Conference is right around the corner. The board is ramping up for another great conference filled with energy and excitement. Make sure to register for the conference early and to book hotels early as well. Sharing hotel rooms with other activity personnel is a great way to save money and make new friends. If this would be something you are interested in, please post your request on the Facebook and I will try to coordinate those willing to share a room.
This conference is overflowing with vendors. Several of you have voiced on your surveys that you like the vendors and this year RAP has worked diligently to make that happen.
From now until time for the conference, I would like all of those who are planning to attend the conference to post on the Facebook site that you are attending. This way everyone can start to familiarize themselves with your face! Also, please remember that if you have an activity idea that went over well, post it to Facebook. There are also some entertainers that have been looking through our site, so you may be able to book some fresh entertainers.
As always, contact me with questions or concerns.
Amber Merriman, Publicity Chair

2014 Banquet News
I am excited about our conference theme this year: Operation RAP. We are also celebrating our 40th Conference! Thank you to everyone who helped by sending photos for the slide show. The dress code for this year’s conference is Red, White and Blue. I hope that everyone is planning to attend. I look forward to seeing you there.
Tammy Point – Banquet Coordinator

From Our Nominations Chair
Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.
I have reached out to all 11 District Reps to inform any deserving members to run or nominate a qualified Activity or Social Service professional and received only a few submissions in response. This is a great way to represent your district, to be a voice for your organization, and to serve as an advocate for seniors. We as professionals need to pass the word, and enjoy what we do, so please when we need nominations step forward to serve.
Thank you for the nominations we did receive.
See you all at the conference
Pearl Kress, Nominations Chair

As membership chair I am anxious to meet new attendees and see past members at the 40th Annual Conference this October.

District Reps will have a working lunch meeting on Wednesday the first day of the conference so all District Representatives please plan on attending this informative meeting. I challenge each member to sign a new member up to RAP. The group needs to get bigger!
District Reps are needed for District #3 (Counties: Allen, Auglaize, Hancock, Hardin, Mercer, Putnam, Van Wert) & District #8 (Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry, Washington).Please call me at 419-212-1588 if you or someone you know is interested in either of these positions. There is also the option of two members co-chairing a district.

Pegge L. Sines
Membership Chairperson
Phone: 419-212-1588
FAX: 419-298-3616

A Word from our Vice President
Hello!TABLES ARE FULL!!!We will be bringing back some of our regular vendors, as well as, putting a little twist on things and bringing in some new ones for us to do some personal shopping. Some of the out of the box vendors participating in our conference this year are; Thirty-One, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Origami Owl, Jamberry, Damsel in Defense and Frosted Yum, just to name a few. Make sure you bring some extra cash along to pamper yourself!
I am working on finding a T-shirt vendor since our previous one will not be able to return d/t other commitments. We will follow the theme as always.
We were able to get carry bags for all attendees this year. Bags will be provided by NASCO! Although, NASCO will not be able to be a vendor this year, they will be providing us with catalogs. They are limited to attending two conferences per year so we will not be seeing them for another few years.
Until next time, take care and enjoy your summer!!! 
Paula Bogre, RAP Vice-President

Greetings from Legislation!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and it doesn’t seem as if we’ve had much of one to begin with!

Over the past few months I have been on our “Pre-survey” Team and have been assisting in other buildings with pre-surveys and focusing specifically on Activities. Some of the things I have seen that surveyors could look at are “person-centered” care plans. Some of you may be already doing this, but if not, here are a few tips. One recommendation is to pull those specific interests off of your Activity Assessments and plug those into your care plans. If “Jane” enjoys gospel music, specific shows on TV, etc, carry that over to your care assessments and care plans so all ties together. Also participation logs need to coincide with activity assessments and care plans as well. Make sure you and your department are documenting refusals and capturing all that you are offering.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me at
Thank you!
Kim Cline, Legislation