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The 2018 RAP in OHIO Conference will be held October 24-26 at the Crowne Plaza North in Columbus Ohio. Stay tuned for details and we’ll see you there.

Follow the links below for the Agenda and Registration form for the 2018 RAP in OHIO Annual Conference for Activity Professionals & Social Workers:

2018 RAP in OHIO Conference Agenda

RAP Conference Registration Form 2018

Our theme for 2018 will be HAWAIIAN LUAU!!


Aloha! Get out your grass skirts and look forward to a trip to the tropics (well actually Columbus) . The 2018 conference is gonna be a breath of fresh air!

Here are some of the speakers we are excited to bring to the 2018 RAP Conference: 

The Rev. Dr. William McCartney continues in ministry 65 years after his first Pastoral Appointment in 1953. Bill has served a rural church, 2 suburban churches, a college town church, and a Metropolitan church. His ministry also includes 6 years as a Superintendent of 65 United Methodist Churches, and 11 years as a Professor at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. Throughout his ministry, Bill has been active in community leadership and
a variety of denominational leadership responsibilities – including serving 12 years on the Board of the United Methodist Publishing House. In retirement he continued as an Adjunct Professor at the seminary, and has served 5 different Interim Pastoral assignments.

Michele Tarsitano-Amato is an Art Therapist Registered – Board Certified by the American Art Therapy Association and Art Therapy Credentials Board. Michele completed her undergraduate degree from Ohio University in 1988 and completed her Masters in Art from Ursuline College in 1991. In 2007 Michele became a Certified Dementia Practitioner. As an Art Therapist, Michele went on to become a member of the Buckeye Art Therapy Association Board, and has served on the board in different capacities since 1997. Michele was on the first committee which started the Leading Age Ohio Art and Writing Contest back in 1993 with the newly formed Resident Forum group, this contest focuses on art from seniors that range from art expression to professional art. Michele’s work with seniors has always reflected the person centered care philosophy. She is passionate about bringing art to seniors and creating an environment where making art is possible regardless of physical or cognitive decline.

Currently, Dr. Laurie Berger, a psychologist in Ohio, is employed at the Columbus Vet Center. The Vet Center, whose mission is to offer outreach and readjustment counseling to veterans and active duty members who have served in a war zone or who suffer from Military Sexual Trauma, is a unique part of the Veterans Health Administration. Dr. Laurie Berger holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from St. Louis University and completed her internship at Hines V AMC in Chicago, IL. Following licensure, she conducted individual, family, couple and group psychotherapy in private practice and community mental health settings in IL, MO, and OH. Prior to joining the Columbus Vet Center in 2014, she was employed as the Clinical Director at Comprehensive Services, Inc., a local private practice group. Her treatment experiences include much clinical work with trauma survivors including civilian and veteran populations and she practices numerous therapeutic approaches including evidence based treatment strategies such as CPT, CBT and IBCT.

Karla Rothan, a native of Cincinnati, attended The Ohio State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She toured as an actor doing shows in children’s theater for a number of years before starting her own non-profit theater company, New Venture Theater in Columbus. Her career expanded in the non-profit arts arena when she landed a position at the prestigious Wexner Center for the Arts. She later became the public relations and marketing director for the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging. Throughout her career Karla has maintained a serious commitment to Stonewall Columbus. She was the chair of the annual Pride Holiday for three years increasing the revenue for that fundraiser 200. Rothan has been a leader and activist in Columbus for over twenty-five years working with a host of other organizations including the Human Rights Campaign, AIDS Resource Center Ohio, United Way, North Central Mental Health and on Mayor Coleman’s 2012 commission. Mayor Coleman also appointed Ms. Rothan to the Recreation and Parks Commission on which she currently serves.

Jonathan Andersen is the Chef of the Willow Brook Christian Communities’ Delaware Run Campus in Delaware, Ohio, and has been on their culinary staff for over 16 years. A veteran of the culinary world, Jonathan has also worked the full gambit of restaurant work; from catering and restaurant work, all the way up to large banquet and service hotel. Jonathan is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College with a degree in education, and maintains a footing in the academic
landscape; providing research and lectures for the Warren G. Harding Presidential Site in Marion, Ohio. Speaker at the 2017 Ohio Healthcare Association’s annual conference, Jonathan aims to spread his passion for food and creating a memory and thought provoking experience with others in the long term care field.

Dennis D. Gullick IV is on a mission to bridge the gap between generations. With a
background in Education and a Masters in Social Work he prides himself in working to develop inter-generational relationships. He recently returned home to Columbus Ohio after living in Raleigh NC for 6 years where he worked with the City of Raleigh to address youth delinquency through work-force development and community outreach. Since returning home he has worked as a Long-term Care Ombudsman and was recently promoted to the Regional Program Director. Since accepting this opportunity Mr. Gullick has contributed to several NHQI projects offering strategies to promote person centered care. He has worked with the Department of Health to address resident rights violations in Long-term Care settings and worked with key agencies in the aging network address systematic issues. Mr. Gullick is married with 3 beautiful children and considers himself a Young Professional in the Field of Aging. As he sees it; “No one is Immune to Aging therefore Quality is what matters. ”

Polly Morgan, LAc, RYT, RM/T is a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for over 40 years. She teaches classic hatha yoga and specialty classes including Chair Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Patients, Caregivers and Survivors and Yoga for Anxiety and Depression. As a Reiki Master/Trainer, she has practiced and trained other Reiki practitioners for over 15 years. Ms. Morgan is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM). She completed her Masters Level Acupuncture Certification at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, OH and internships at Guang An Men Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional hinese Medicine and Western Medicine in Beijing, China. Ms. Morgan founded Acupuncture & More, LLC in January 2008 to provide energy- based, natural, safe and drug-free healing methods for restoring health and wellness.



Here are the results of our 2017 Wage and Budget Surveys:

2017 Survey – Wages & Budget 

2017 Award Winners:

Activity Assistant Award Winner:  Mary Catherine Hiles

Administrator of the Year Award Winner: Kim Lykins

Volunteer Award Winner: Dr Rev William Campbell

Dr. Charles Peckham Award: Ron Wilson

Jean Lyttle Spirit Award: Mary Miller

Thank you to all our 2017 RAP in OHIO Conference Attendees, Vendors and Speakers!



2017 Speakers include:

 Michael McCann: When was the Last Time you did Something for the First Time?

This session gets into a philosophy of not just maintaining the residents lives but helping them achieve goals, live a fulfilling life and become the strongest versions of themselves

Julie Buckeye   Balloflex: Movement and Music

Be aware of the impact of music and movement on individuals. Understand benefits of increasing movement and music in their facilities. Participants will have developed suitable actions for peaking and maintaining participant attention during sessions.

Barbara Brock: The Next Step in Dementia Care

Currently numerous individuals concerned about the performance of their memory are being identified as having dementia when they complete a “Quick Screening “memory test.  Quick Screening tests quickly reveal memory problems but stop short of providing valid/reliable data that can lead health care professionals to develop the next step in dementia care.

Gloria O’Neill-Savage: Lowering Dementia Medications Naturally

Participants will review collected studies using Aromatherapy in Facilities with residents.  Participants will apply and experience Aromatherapy while learning the benefits, and the quality and care of essential oils as well as the contraindications and which to avoid.

Dawn Worsley: Activities as a Revenue Generating Department

This session will help you identify the critical role that the Activities Department has and the way that “Activities” can contribute both financially as well as in a positive manner to help facilities achieve a 5-Star Rating.

Sherry Barzak: How to Motivate Your Crew to Work as a Team

The attendee will learn what it means to motivate your team, when is it needed to motivate your team (and how to tell),  and how to make to work together without them realizing it.

Amber Merriman: Ethical Decision Making in LTC

This program will encourage self exploration of ethical thinking. It will discuss several elements of ethical thinking including but not limited to diversity, education, and team work. Participants will have the opportunity to share ethical concerns with the group.

Rev. Steve “Brad” Jackson:  Improving Quality of Life with Hospice

This workshop will explore the unique social and spiritual needs of hospice patients, and will engage activity professionals in discussion related to diagnosis-specific interventions with a goal of maximizing quality of life.

Laura Marsee & Tammy Allison: Redefining Activities: How to Win Staff Buy in and Engagement      

This session focuses on the pursuit of activities to reach and engage a population with dementia residing in a nursing home setting, assisted living setting, or even an independent or adult day setting. The session will cover activity ideas and practical means and methods to implement and overcome potential barriers.                   


Tammy Point:  ABC’s of Documentation

Participants will learn how to work with the IDT to implement a person centered care plan and ensuring paper work in a picture of the resident. Participants will be able to perform MDS 3 interviews, write progress notes, gather information for assessments and put gathered information into a Person Centered Care Plan.

Scott Shroyer: The Greatest Generation: Living on Borrowed Time

How to and why we should make great days for customers regardless of budget. Invoke passion in the attendees in hopes of them approaching their daily work with the goal of giving a sense of purpose to every customer. Provide a how to and why this can be done by anyone, every single day. If we don’t do this for our Seniors, who will?







These are the Results of our 2016 Wage Survey.

Take a look…. 2016 wage survey calculations


Activity Assistant Award Winner:  JoAnn Lacey

Administrator of the Year Award Winner: Olivia Gibson

Advancement Award Winner: Chancellor Health Care Partners

Innovative Award Winner: Linda Gutierrez

Volunteer Award Winner: Ruth Souder

Dr. Charles Peckham Award: Karla Hale

                                                 OUTGOING BOARD MEMBERS

Pearl Kress  Service Years: 2014 – 2016

Kim Cline     Service Years: 2016 – 2016

 For Commitment and Service to the RAP Board of Trustees.

RAP in Ohio Flower BannerThank you to all those who attended our 2016 conference! 





Conference Photos from Past Years